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As we take in the magnificent baroque Karlskirche we'll tell you why it was built. Moving on to the neighbouring Secession building, you'll hear about the Jugenstil movement and why it shocked contemporary Vienna including the Emperor Franz Josef.

We'll tell you about the history of this city which lies at the cross roads of Europe and recount the witty but tragic comment that Sigmund Freud made to the Nazis as they arrested him.

As we show you the city's great art galleries and churches, we'll point out the art school which rejected an applicant called Adolf Hitler and explain the meaning of 'Strum un Strang'. We'll help you get your bearings around the vast Hofburg Palace complex and tell you about the tragic Empress Sissy.

Most importantly, we'll point out the best of Vienna's coffee houses along the way - including Trotsky's favourite.

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