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Moravia, Bohemia, the Holy Roman Empire - Prague has been the capital of various countries, territories and empires over the centuries and each has left its mark on the architecture and customs of this historic city.

With styles ranging from Baroque to Cubist and Romantic to Art Deco, Prague is complex, varied and constantly changing. We'll show you the bizarre Astronomical Clock - and reveal the tragedy of its creator. We'll point out to you the home of Franz Kafka, master of suspense and paranoia.

Take a stroll with us across the famous Charles Bridge as we show you the most interesting and beautiful statues that line it - and hear why we've got the humble egg to thank for this centuries old historic monument.

We'll show you the main sites of the city and tell you all about them. We'll also reveal the coolest restaurants, bars and shops.
Most importantly, we'll help you feel that even after a few hours you know Prague and what really makes it - and that famous astronomical clock - tick.

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