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Relaxed and friendly, the smallest of Europe's major capital cities feels more like a village but its history is controversial, fascinating - and often bloody.

Our tour starts at Anne Frank's house and then goes on via the beautiful Westerkerk church to the city's simple, but moving, monument to its gay residents who have suffered over the years. Further on we'll explain the meaning of the 'XXX' that you'll see everywhere and reveal where the term 'Dutch courage' comes from.

As we pick out the other sites such as Dam Square and we'll tell you about why this unique city looks like it does and what is being done to preserve it so you'll have a sense of the real Amsterdam as it is today - not just the picture post card image.

As you stroll through the flower market we'll tell you why it is that tulips are always associated with Amsterdam and why, despite his talent and fame, the city's most famous painter lead such a tragic life.

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