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 France Brive-Turenne Zevisit


The Brive of yesterday and today, a festival of curiosities and an escapade to 2 incomparable sites nearby : Allassac and Turenne Intrepid and lively, "swashbuckling" personifies Brive History great and small : diverse themes... To help reveal her treasures and share her secrets : these interviews… … and these encounters Brive la Gaillarde Place du 14 juillet The Place de la Guierle, the book, country and gastronomy fairs, and rugby ALAIN PENEAU, rugby player, speaks of Brive and his rugby club Chapel of Saint Libéral History of the Saint, the portal and barbican, the Hundred Years War Church of Saint Martin Organization of the city during the Middle Ages, Martin the Spaniard – martyr of Brive Labenche Museum The collections of the museum, the etymology of the word "Gaillard" by Alain Rey, Edmond Michelet Collège des doctrinaires Its famous students, the history of this middle school Allassac Church of St Jean Baptiste The church of St Jean Baptiste of Allassac, the Hundred Years War, the slate works MONSIEUR LASCAUX, author of the book “Allassac, a land, a history” explains the Arabic influence in the architecture of the church and describes the famous Baroque altarpiece Tower of César The origin of the name, its architecture, the wines of Bas Limousin Turenne Place du Foirail The Chateau, the alliance of princes, "Crazy Week" in Turenne. MADAME GUELI, historian, tells the tale of these unusual events in French history The Mauriole Gate The fortifications of the village, the panorama, organization of the city during the Middle Ages 9 Stages to discover and hear history… and its stories. Commentaries read by actors with re-enactments, interviews, music… Each Stage is a complete audio production of about 4 minutes. Allovisitâ audio directions guide you along the circuit and from one stage to the next on foot and by car.
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