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 France Loire Bicycling Along The Loire Zevisit


9 stops along the Loire, one of the most famous river in France.

0 - Muides : Gilles Queneau, a fisherman and the owner of the Bourriche aux appétits, offers his recipe for eel Sailor-style
1 - Saint Dyé – La Loire : the Loire, a river with a distinctive character… Chrystelle Goute, nature guide at Loire House in the Loir et Cher Departement, explains why.
2 - Saint Dyé – Le port : turn back time to the era of the sailors of François the 1st !
3 - Château de Chambord : with François the First… and Eric Johanneau , chief guide and educational director at the Chateau.
4 - La Chaussée le Comte : The art of hunting – Bernard Robin, chef at the Relais de Bracieux, gives us some advice on preparing a wild boar.
5 - Huisseau sur Cosson : The church and its sumptuous, contemporary stained-glass windows
6 - Le château des Grotteaux : Cécile de Colasson, historical guide for the city of Blois, explains the presence of little châteaux in the region.
13- Château de Madon : where Louis the 12th annulled his marriage !
14- Candé sur Beuvron : , land of the beavers: Claudette Marceau, who lives in Candé, explains...

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