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 France Aubagne Explore the Land of the Santons Zevisit


Discover the childhood home of Marcel Pagnol, land of cicadas and Santons, with an escapade through four marvelous Provenšale villages.
"Do you know what Marcel Pagnol detested ? The singing of cicadas ! "

History great and small : diverse themes...

The childhood of Marcel Pagnol, famous moments from his films
The dramatic hills of Garlaban
Ceramics, and Santons
The Brotherhood of the White Penitents, and the Black Penitents
The French Foreign Legion, and its hymn
The grand organ in the Basilica of Saint Vincent of Roquevaire
The treasure of Auriol
The singer Reda Caire in Saint Zacharie
The pilgrimage of St Anthony of Padua to Cuges les Pins
Claude Berry's films of Marcel Pagnol's works.
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