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 France Angouleme Zevisit


Discover a city fashioned by the « liqueur of the Gods » and those who live for it.
"The Share of the Angels in the making of Cognac, do you know what it is ?"

History great and small : diverse themes…
The history of the river Charente and the growth of the region
The destiny of Marguerite of Angoulême
The Counts of Angoulême
The City Hall, sum and substance of history
The discovery of New York
The architecture and facade of the cathedral
The treasures of Saint André
The identity of the city, the comic strip and its creation, the realization of its murals
The Ninth Art – Cinema
The memoirs of industry, and the paper manufacturing industry
The Rochefoucauld family, a history interwoven with that of France for 1000 years
The Chateau of Rochefoucauld and its builders
The life of François VI de la Rochefoucauld, author of maxims
Verteuil, one of France's most beautiful villages, on the banks of the Charente

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