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Angers, in the Valley of the Loire, classified by UNESCO as a cultural heritage landscape, blends the harmony of beautiful open spaces and exceptional monuments. They are unveiled in all their majesty, revealing as well a few secrets.
Did you know that here one can "manufacture" and island ?

History great and small : diverse themes...

History great and small : diverse themes...

The construction of the château in the Angevin Gothic style
The tapestry of the apocalypse, and the one that sings of the world
Local gastronomic specialties, and the innovations of the late 19th century in Angers
The "creation" of the Isle of Carmes, the port of Angers and the navy of the Loire
Trades and activities of the past of Doutre
The legend of the Abbey of Ronceray
The defeat of the Vikings at Angers
The Convention Center and its architecture
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