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From the Mississippi River in the south to the Buffalo River Valley nearly 40 miles to the north, Trempealeau County offers some of the best back roads scenery to be found anywhere in the upper mid-west. Trempealeau County is on the northern edge of the un-glaciated area of south-west Wisconsin referred to as the Coulee Region, where the elevation difference between ridge and valley is often over 500 feet, resulting in the eye-pleasing pastoral vistas which you will enjoy on this tour.

Today the rural and small town lifestyle and the distinctive Norwegian and Polish culture that predominated for over 100 years can still be experienced in the restored churches, small shops and country amenities that are found throughout Trempealeau County. The arrival of the railroads in the 1870s set the pattern of economic and social development of the county.
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Begin your tour on Seventh Street in downtown Osseo.

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