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 Australia Melbourne Podtours Death Dirt and Disease


Death, Dirt & Disease
Presented by Jon Faine.

WARNING: This podtour includes descriptions of crimes and events that some listeners may find confronting. Please choose a different podtour to download if you think you may be offended by such content.

Join Jon Faine on an exploration of the macabre side of Melbourne. There are dead bodies being pulled out of the Yarra, coroners counting maggots and nightmen dumping bedpans on flowerbeds. Under every glistening, stylish sophisticated city (and Melbourne's certainly one of those) there lies a long tale of grime and crime. This tour about what's waiting for you if it all goes wrong.

Highlights Include:

* The story of the Gun Alley murder.
* Early sewers and waste disposal in a burgeoning city.
* The decapitated head on display outside the city morgue.
* The unique way that coroners determine the time and cause of death

Route: Starting at Federation Square, through the hidden laneways up to Russell Street, past the old police station and along Lygon Street to conclude at the Exhibition Buildings in the Carlton Gardens.

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