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Darlinghurst - Secrets

Darlinghurst Gaol is a landmark. Established in 1822, 79 people were hung outside and within its sandstone walls. Children played nearby under the waterfall above West's mill and grand mansions were built on the top of the hill. Below them, boarding houses catered for young shopgirls and clerks, who had come to the city to seek their fortune. But deep in the valley, shadowy secrets are revealed. This is a hidden precinct of tiny tenements; scary places where men carried slasher razorblades in the rims of their hats, and their girlfriends were masters of 'gingering' innocent young country boys out for a good time.

The walk begins at Greens Park (Darlinghurst Road and Burton St) and zig-zags down the hill to the Stanley Street restaurant quarter.

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