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 Belgium Brussels The Upper Town and the Place Royale Pocketvox


The Upper Town and the Place Royale
Brussels - Upper Town

Walk - About 1h30 Classic

The focus of this walk is the Place Royale, a beautiful “French style” square around which are concentrated some of the best museums in Brussels, as well as the Royal Palace and Brussels Park. The Place Royale has been home to all of the country’s political powers. There is a lot of history here, and we shall be exploring at it through this area’s architecture. We will also be visiting the remains of the medieval palace under the square, which will give us an even clearer understanding of this site’s history.
Our visit will take us all the way to the Column of Congress, a grand commemorative monument in the middle of a typically 19th-century area. On our way, we will stop by the Museum of Musical Instruments, housed in a remarkable Art Nouveau glass and steel building.

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