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 Belgium Liege From Saint Paul’s Cathedral to the Archeoforum Pocketvox


From Saint Paul’s cathedral to the Archeoforum
Liege - Center of the city

Walk - About 1h30 - 5€ (ex. suppl.2€) A Must

From the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century, Liege was the centre of an Episcopal principality. In other words, Liege was the capital of a rather unusual “country” governed by a ruler who was both a bishop and a prince. To picture latter-day Liege, you have to imagine a myriad of over 100 churches standing between 2 branches of the river Meuse. There is an old saying: “Liege is a paradise for priests, purgatory for men and hell for women!” – that must be some place! …We’ve got 2 audio tours of the centre of Liege to offer you. We recommend you begin with the walk that takes you from Saint Paul’s cathedral to the Archeoforum on the Place Saint Lambert. This audio walk will introduce you to some charming aspects of Old Liege, with its numerous little squares, lanes and covered passages such as passage Lemonnier. This stroll will also introduce us to monuments, which bear witness to the past splendour of the city. These include the medieval collegiates, amongst the most magnificent in Belgium, and their altarpieces and statues, which include works by Jean Del Cour, the most renowned Liegeois sculptor.

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