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For over 12 centuries, this great piece of rock buffeted by the waves has been altered by man to produce the amazing sight we see here today, with a medieval village hugging the rock face and its crowning abbey. Equipped with our audio guide, you’re now going to discover the various features of this location. Not for nothing is the Mont Saint-Michel known as the “Marvel of the West” - you’ll see that it really lives up to its reputation.
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1 : History, 2 : 2 courtyards at the entrance and the Barbacane, 3 : Maison de l'Arcade, 4 : Grand'Rue and its medieval houses, 5 : the parish church, 6 : House of Tiphaine Raguenel. Bertrand Duguesclin and the 100 Years'War, 7: the Ramparts and the Tombelaine Island, 8: West facade of the Abbey, 9: the Gothic church, 10: Examples showing the transition from Romanesque to Gothic art, 11: Cloister, 12: The salle des hôtes, 13: ancient crypts, 14: The Salle des Chevaliers

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