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Lutherstadt (Luther City) Wittenberg – Experience World History

Wittenberg is the town most closely associated with the Reformation, a UNESCO Heritage site, a town with a fascinating wealth of outstanding, impressive historic buildings, churches and museums. The Schlosskirche (castle church), to the doors of which Luther is said to have nailed his theses and which is the location of the graves of Luther and Melanchthon, the magnificent Cranach house on the Market Square, the Stadtkirche (town church) – where Martin Luther preached – Melanchthon's house – where the famous »Praeceptor Germaniae« (Teacher of Germany) lived – Luther’s house, where Luther worked and lived with his family, allow the guests to take a step back in time and experience the aura of history.

Besides these monuments of world history, “Luther City”, conveniently situated between Berlin (100 km) and Leipzig (70 km), has a great deal more to offer: Within the walls of the old University, the Leucorea, university life has begun to pulsate again, the world renowned artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, transformed a Plattenbau (prefabricated building) into a unique work of art, the »House of History« gives exciting insights into everyday life, especially that of former GDR (German Democratic Republic).

The Tierpark (zoological garden) in Wittenberg's green belt and the Butterfly Park with its unusual butterfly species provide peace and relaxation. And after - or even during - the “Audio Tour”, the Altstadt (old city) of Wittenberg will be difficult to resist with its wide choice of gastronomic attractions.

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