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 Germany Constance (Bodensee) Phonotours


Welcome to Constance

Once this city was considered to be the centre of the western world. That was at the time of the ecclesiastical council in the 15th century.

Those glorious days are still to be seen in the picturesque old quarter where romantic gable roofed houses, minaret towers and archways hint at the medieval origins. But Constance does not rest on its historical roots: the largest city in the lake region is an economic hub, and its renowned university draws in a diverse spectrum of students which add a lot to the bustling flair of city life.

In other ways Constance shows an openness too: since 1993 the most spectacular landmark of the city has been standing in the harbour, the nine metre high statue of the prostitute “Imperia”, a generously proportioned female form which carries the Emperor in one hand and the Pope in the other.

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