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Welcome to Bregenz

Leisure fun-activities and real cultural delights between mountain and lake – the Austrian town of Bregenz offers visitors a fascinating degree of diversity: on one side of the capital of Vorarlberg, Mount Pfänder stretches 1024 metres towards the heavens while on the other side of the town the beaches and swimming bays beckon enticingly. The town itself though is an art, historical and architectural gem.

The Bregenz festival, held on the largest floating stage anywhere, is world-renowned. Other highlights of the 2000 year old town are well maintained medieval upper town, the Martinsturm that has an “onion dome” cupola visible from far and wide, the narrowest house frontage in the world, a spectacular art gallery …

After the phonotour, let the historic town centre entice you to loiter, or stroll the lakeside promenade. And if you need cash – or have too much – pop into the casino which is close to the floating stage. But change out of your beach shoes first!

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