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 USA Oklahoma Sam Noble Museum of Natural History


The Hall of Ancient Life takes you on a tour of Oklahoma’s deep past in a series of exhibits featuring some of the most impressive specimens in the museum’s extensive paleontology collections.

The exhibits begin with the fossils of trilobites and other invertebrates that appeared in the ancient seas covering Oklahoma about 500 million years ago. You will see examples of the “mammal-like” reptiles and other animals that preceded the dinosaurs, and experience the Age of the Dinosaurs during the Mesozoic era, 248 to 65 million years ago, through a breathtaking series of dioramas featuring some of the largest dinosaurs in the world. Finally, you will learn about mass extinction events such as the one that wiped out all of the dinosaurs except birds, and see fossils of the mammals that came afterward.

When you leave this gallery, be sure to take a ride in the “dinovator” – a glass elevator that takes you up 26 feet to see the museum’s mighty Apatosaurus eye to eye.

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