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Discovering Unter den Linden Avenue
Berlin - Central Berlin

Walk - About 2h30 - 5€ (ex. suppl.2€) A Must

On this walking tour we will discover Unter den Linden, the most sumptuous avenue in the German capital. This street, which at the time of the monarchy was the Royal way as well as the seat of embassies and ministries, later became the site for the official parades of the GDR. Unter den Linden, a mythic place, is lined with palaces and structures that reflect the city’s stormy past. But that’s not all: since reunification, the avenue has been renovated and the greatest contemporary architects have been invited to showcase their talent on it.
You can truly feel the history of Berlin when strolling down this avenue. We will make our way down the street until we come to the banks of the river Spree. On our journey we will discover prestigious buildings such as the Berlin State Opera built for King Frederick II, the majestic Humboldt University, the National Library, the gigantic 17th-century Baroque-style Arsenal, Kaiser Wilhelm I’s Palace, and the Brandenburg Gate – which is in fact where our walk begins.

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