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 Sydney Heart of the City


Sydney is a city of stories. Of visions grander than its colonial masters could have ever possibly envisioned. Of developments born out of the necessity of its isolation and the unintended freedoms of expression by the men and women who, whether by choice or transportation, laboured to create what is today, a vibrant multicultural metropolis.

Join with Talk’N Tours on a relaxing audio tour through Sydney’s heartland and you will discover the stories behind the beautiful buildings and fabulous open spaces. Together we’ll discover some of Sydney’s characters and a little of what is and how it came to be.

Our walking tour guides you through city sightseeing of Sydney’s attractions with its historic streets and the quirky personalities of some of its citizens. Together we will visit the buildings, monuments, parks and gardens from the centre of commercial Sydney to sparkling Sydney Harbour at Circular Quay.

Visit the major city sightseeing attractions as well as some lesser known ones. The Queen Victoria Building, or QVB as it is more popularly known, for superb boutique shopping, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Hyde Park Barracks, the Old Mint, the Justice and Police Museum and the Conservatorium of Music amongst many, many more. All the while our expert guide will share with you the real insider stories of Sydney.

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