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 Austria Vienna iJourneys Imperial City of Music Modernism and Mocha


* See cannonballs fired by Turks 500 years ago, still embedded in the Cathedral Spire
* Watch a Clock perform -- designed in the fantastic Viennese Art Nouveau Style
* Hear why the Waltz was naughty in Strauss' time
* Explore winding streets Mozart knew, see where he first performed at age 6
* Savor the aromas of Vienna's Intellectual coffee houses.
* View treasures in the apartments where Emperors lived for nearly a thousand years
* Stand on the Stars of the Musical Mile dedicated to classical greats
* Watch cakes being made in one of the city's best cafes
* See a preening self portrait by a church sculptor
* See a church once painted by Adolf Hitler
* Visit public toilets designed by an architectural maverick
* Stop at a street kiosk for a crunchy hot dog with mustard
* Wander delightful hidden courtyards and walk the fanciest shops

Total non-stop running time: One Hour and 39 Minutes

START: Stephans Platz --

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For further information please visit:
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