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For decades, Rick Steves has been the tour guide in your pocket — writing guidebooks to help travelers have smooth, enjoyable, and culturally broadening trips to Europe. But now, thanks to new portable audio devices, Rick is becoming the tour guide in your ear. With his new, free audio tours for iPod (and other MP3 players), Rick can personally lead you through Paris' top sights.

Rick Steves' Audio Tours are informative, lighthearted, and a third less dry than the audioguides you can rent in Europe. They're illustrated with color images to help you find the item that's being described. And best of all, you can download them free and play them whenever you want. Just put the audio tours on your iPod, pop in your ear buds, and let Rick Steves guide you through the treasures of Paris: ogle the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum, understand the evolution of Impressionism at the Orsay Museum, pretend you're a divine right king at the sumptuous Château of Versailles, and wander through the centuries in Paris' most historic neighborhood. Armchair travelers can listen to the same tours on their computer...and learn just as much without flying to France.

Rick's audio tours are a natural companion to the Rick Steves' Paris 2006 guidebook, which features additional maps, photos of key works of art, and sightseeing strategies for these great sights, plus lots more information on experiencing the City of Light. But even if you don't have Rick's book, we've prepared downloadable, printer-friendly maps to accompany each tour.

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