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 Gloucestershire Gloucester Cathedral


Gloucester was built as a fine Norman abbey - for an abbot from Normandy - in the massive and dignified style of its day. But in the late middle ages, a further building campaign didn't - as happened in other cathedrals - demolish the earlier work and rebuild, but instead built an elegant skin of Perpendicular tracery over the Romanesque bones of the church.

Our Podtour™ explains how the cathedral came to be the way it is today - and we show you some of the architects' dirty little secrets, where the plan didn't quite work as intended. Even so, this is a splendid monument - the first fan vault in the world, and probably the first Perpendicular style window - certainly one of the biggest!

We also show you the grave of the Englishman who wrote the American national anthem, as well as the tombs of a murdered English king, and a prince who never quite made it to the throne.

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