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 Kent Chatham Dockyard HMS Cavalier


Explore HMS Cavalier with the help of our audio guide and discover what life was really like on board the ‘fastest ship in the fleet’ as you listen to the powerful and often emotional testimony of those who served on board her.

The Royal Navy’s last operational Second World War destroyer, HMS Cavalier was built in 1944 HMS Cavalier was the Royal Navy's last operational Second World War destroyer and is now preserved at Chatham as a memorial to the 143 British destroyers and over 11,000 men lost at sea during the war.

Built in 1944 at Samuel White's Isle of Wight yard, HMS Cavalier served during the war in the Arctic and the Western Approaches before joining the British Pacific Fleet as the war came to a close. Refitted and modernized in 1957 she continued to play an active role as part of the Royal Navy's Far East and Home fleets until she paid off at Chatham in 1972.

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