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 Scotland Glasgow Sounds of a Music Capital


Your best friend—who just happens to be Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest concert promoter, host of the new music radio show, former famous band member and hot venue owner rolled into one—is tied up in LA receiving a Grammy. Don’t despair—

After arriving in Glasgow go to George Square (download map) and begin a walking tour that’s an insider’s take on the Glasgow music scene. Then pass it along to all your friends and family, for FREE.

You'll discover:

* Venues where now-famous bands were discovered & others where up-and-coming is the name of the game
* The hang-outs, rehearsal spaces and even workplaces you’re likely to run into band members such as Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian and more.
* Four of the hottest up and coming bands—and their newest songs
* What Glasgow’s got that makes it musically hot!

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