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 Buckinghamshire Waddesdon Manor


Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, creator of Waddesdon, loved France and French art. With his French architect Destailleur and his landscape gardener Lainé, he built this Renaissance-style château in a dramatic setting. Waddesdon has one of the best collections of French 18th century decorative arts in the world, paintings, furniture, carpets and curiosities, lovingly assembled over 35 years by Ferdinand to please his weekend guests. Outside, his creation includes an aviary, flamboyant bedding, winding walks, colourful trees and panoramic views.

Ferdinand's legacy was a splendid foundation on which subsequent generations of the family could build. His sister, Miss Alice, then James and Dorothy de Rothschild and now the present Lord Rothschild have all set their stamp on Waddesdon, whether through developing the Garden or adding to the Collection. It is this continuing care and involvement which helps to make Waddesdon the vibrant place it is today.

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