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 Scotland Ayrshire Muirkirk


The village of Muirkirk is a historical Covenanter town located on the eastern edge of Ayrshire, Scotland.
The audio tour works by hiring a special "Audio Radio" on which you will find commentary and recordings about various areas and aspects of Muirkirk's village and history. Audio Tour Boards mark the various areas of interest and give additional visual information.

Included in the Audio Tour are:-

  • History of the Church

  • Life in the Mining Industry

  • Ironmaking

  • Rabbie Burns and Tibbie Pagan

  • Covenanters and their fight for Religious and personal freedoms for the peoples of Scotland

  • The Muirkirk Poets

  • John Loudoun MacAdam

  • Finlayson's Plough

  • The first and last gasworks

  • Bill Shankley

  • The Old Graveyard

For further information please visit:
Village Trail

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