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 Derry City walking tour, a guide to the historic walls and beyond


Your local, personal guide around Northern Ireland's second largest City gives you a real feeling for the many changes that are taking place in Derry City, and how the time of the troubles impacted on this historic part of Ireland.

Take your time walking around the walls of Derry, taking in the rich and sometimes intriguing heritage.

And because this is your personally guided tour you can enjoy the City Walls like a local stopping off for something to eat or drink, or exploring the many attractions that the City has to offer - just pause, play, go your way.
The Derry City Mini-Break Explorer is approximately one hour in duration, and has several other main attractions in the area included in the content.
Each point is clearly marked on the illustrated Derry City map

The full Derry City Minibreak Explorer playlist is 83 mb in size and the total play time is around an hour

Introduction To Londonderry and Derry City
Getting to Londonderry

1 - The Tourist Information Centre
2 - The Diamond
3 - Butcher's Gate and the Derry City Wall Walk
4 - Apprentice Boys Memorial
5 - Grand Parade
6 - Double Bastion
7 - Bishop's Gate
8 - Church Bastion
9 - St Columb's Cathedral
10 - Artillery Bastion
11 - Ferryquay Gate
12 - Millenium Forum
13 - Shipquay Gate
14 - Magazine Gate
15 - Waterloo Street
16 - End of Derry Walls Tour
17 - Museum of Free Derry
18 - St Eugene's Cathedral
19 - The Bogside Gallery of Murals
20 - River Watch Aquarium
21 - Foyle Valley Railway Museum

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