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 Riga Old Town tour


We invite you to take an audioguide tour of the historical and geographical centre of Riga - Old Riga!

During your walk you will hear 32 interesting and exciting stories and legends about this eight centuries old town, it's streets, significant houses, old churches, squares and a lot more! You will see the Town Hall, Riga Castle, Freedom Monument, Roland Statue and much more sightseeing objects in Old Riga.

According to an old legend, Riga may not ever become completed. Because of it does it shall submerge into Daugava river. They say that a spirit comes out of the river every hundred years and asks the first person it sees - whether Riga is completed yet?! If the person was to say that Riga is completed, he would die the very next night and three days later all of Rigas' buildings and streets would be submerged.
So everyone living in Riga should know this legend and until now anyone asked had answer that Riga is not ready yet and that's why Riga is still standing today!

And you have an opportunity to know more about it using our audioguide tour!

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