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Kyoto is special and a visit to Japan is hardly complete without spending some time in Japan’s ancient capitol. Indeed the visitor learns quickly that their allotted time in the old capitol is not going to be enough, no matter how long it is.

For most visitors, however, a Kyoto visit means visiting the five or ten highest profile temples and shrines, and taking a walk through the Gion. The well advised visitor should not miss these sites as they are important both to the cities history and culture, but they present only one side of Kyoto.

What visitors often miss are the quiet corners and back streets of Kyoto that offer glimpses into an age long ago past. As my friend and long time expert on Japan, Donald Richie, says; “…Kyoto is more than the official “traditional Japan” one reads about in ordinary guidebooks and takes guided tours to see; it is also these warrens of back streets with their inns and restaurants and shops, the buildings still made of wood and stone and tile.”

Japan Walk-Caster is dedicated to presenting a balanced view of Kyoto from its well-known and famous sites, to its little-known back streets and out of the way spots that one may otherwise miss.

Nijo Jo castle, actually a fortified residence, is considered to be one of the finest examples of the shoin zukuri style of architecture from the Edo period 1600 - 1868. This alone makes it worth the visit. But it is more. Both historically and aesthetically, Nijo Jo is very important.

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