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 The Euphrasian Basilica


Thanks for your interest in noambit’s “Talk About” audio guide for The Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč, Croatia. As if by design, Croatia’s historical, cultural and natural gems seem to almost be hidden in plain sight and just like their exquisite truffles, this 6th Century Basilica is no exception. Nestled off a small street in Poreč this protected World Heritage site houses some of the oldest and best preserved mosaics in the world. We’ll guide you from the ornately decorated arched entrance, through the rich and long history of the site, along the stories told by the finely crafted mosaics covering the interior and towards the baptistery topping bell tower with panoramic views of the port city. So, pop in the headphones, take a stroll along the beautiful Croatian coast and let us transport you back in history to a time when Christianity was just emerging from the struggles against an intolerant and expanding Roman Empire.

Your download will also include a PDF map created exclusively for this tour.
On this tour we’ll see and hear about:

* The buried church
* The pagan origins of a basilica
* Each mosaic and the story it tells
* Why Mary seems to be more important than Jesus
* The numerological symbology of the Baptistery
* The not-so-humble Bishop
* A martyr’s bones
* A baby’s baptismal font
* The altar canopy and gold plated altar
* Jesus’ odd hand gesture
* What the devil a narthex is
* and much more!

By purchasing this audio guide you can easily download the entire album of tracks to your MP3 player or ipod and explore the Basilica at your own pace. There’s no need to follow a group or pay outlandish prices to have someone dictate how long you can linger and enjoy the sights. The low cost of this downloadable tour ensures you’ll have more money to spend on exploring the rest of Croatia and seeking out its many hidden treasures.

Please be aware that we at noambit pride ourselves on giving you real advice from real travelers. For this reason our tours are not narrated by professional actors reading a script in some studio far removed from the experience they talk about. Each and every one of our tours is written, read and created by the travel passionate editors of noambit, Ryan Sexton and myself, Chris Cook.

Remember you are walking in a real world full of cars, bikes, lost tourists and pickpockets. Take care when listening to our tours and be aware of your surroundings. noambit can not be held liable for any loss or injury while enjoying our tours.

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