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 Kent Walmer Castle

When visiting this site, it is easy to imagine why the Duke of Wellington enjoyed his time here so much. The spirit of Napoleon's nemesis and the victor of Waterloo still lives on at this former coastal artillery fort. He used the castle frequently during his 23 years as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, and the room - and his yellow chintz armchair in which he died on 14 September 1852 - are still as they were. The 'Iron Duke' preferred unsophisticated furnishings and the campaign-bed on which he slept - with its original horsehair mattress and bedding - remains on display as a testament to his spartan tastes. A pair of original 'Wellington boots' can also be seen alongside a great many personal effects in the fascinating on-site Wellington museum.

Originally conceived during the reign of Henry VIII as a vital defence against the threat of a Catholic attack from across the channel, Walmer Castle has evolved over time into a country residence resembling a miniature stately home.

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